Organised by Entrepreneurship Cell


Do you often find yourself intrigued by the dynamic changes in the share market? Do you want to explore the fascinating world of trading? Do you want to show off your money-making skills and earn prizes?

Summary & Facts

  • Date: 9th April 2021
  • Time: 1 pm to 3 pm (All Rounds)
  • Platform: Ms teams
  • Total No Of Team Members: 3
  • Registration fees:100/-(Team of 3)
  • Exciting Prizes Worth: 3000 Rs

Harshad Mehta is basically similar to share market. In which Participants have to participate in the team of 3 members and show their knowledge and trading skills

Details Of Event

Event Structure

Events Structure is as follows:

  • Each member has to participate in a team of 3 members, including team leader and with their respective team name.
  • Participants have to analyze the case study provided by ecell before event start.
  • You will be provided a specific amount of virtual money to invest.
  • Participants have to invest their money by using information they get from case study.
  • The only team leader is allowed to buy or sell shares
  • After trading is completed the prices of shares changes.
  • And the team who got higher returns will be a Winner.


Contact here to Coordinator of event

  • Name: Gayatri Kungade
  • Email ID: gayatrikungade@gmail.com
  • Contact No: 7057299783
  • Name: Yash Dalal
  • Email ID: yashdalal45@gmail.com
  • Contact No: 9691402317