Organised by Association
for Computing Machinery


This is a competitive technical event designed based on coding as well as strategical skills.

Summary & Facts

  • Date: 9th April 2021
  • Time: 1 pm to 3 pm (All Rounds)
  • Platform: Ms teams
  • Total No of Team Members: 2
  • Registration fees: 100/- PER TEAM
  • Exciting Prizes Worth: 3000 Rs

In this event we will have technical questions which will help them to lead towards next level. Quick thinking and presence of mind are required for this event.The teams will compete to be most precise and quick at each level.

Details Of Event


Given syllabus to be considered for the event is

  • Logical Thinking
  • Basic Coding
  • Problem Solving


Rules for the event are:

  • The participant should be registered on ‘Hackerrank’ website.
  • The participant should join Microsoft Teams meeting with their Camera ON.
  • They can code in any language and should submit their code within the time limit (Round 1: 1.5 hr., Round 2: 1 hr.).
  • The points will be allotted on the level of questions they had solve.
  • Top 5 participants from Round 1 will enter Round 2. Top 2 participant would be selected as winners. ** ** (If total entries in Round 1 are greater than 12 there would be 2 winner, else only 1 as winner).

Event Structure

  • Round 1:There will be 7 problem statements of different levels of difficulty. The difficult statement would have max. marks while easier would have the least. Participants has to solve the max. problems out of 7.
  • Round 2:: The participants, who cleared Round 1 would be given a Pseudo/Incomplete code with its output. They are required to complete the code to match the output that was given.


Contact here to Coordinator of event

  • Name: Tejas Bhoinwad
  • Email ID: tejas.bhoinwad2000@gmail.com
  • Contact No:9604424937
  • Name: Anshul Ghumadwar
  • Email ID:anshulghumadwar04@gmail.com
  • Contact No:8308910874